Digital Education

Ricard Huerta Ramon

Universitat de València


Palabras clave: Education, ICT, Arts, Teaching innovation, Teacher training

Publicado 6 mayo 2024

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Digital Education is a collaboration between two Valencian public universities: The University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. This project serves to train teaching students (future teachers) closing to the scientific and technological heritage, using the museum as a setting for communication and learning, understanding the museum as a vehicle for the acquisition of thought, and also a space suitable for artistic practice. It is an experience about bringing students closer to environments of personal enrichment and openness, using other forms of expression. In this way, we motivate the teaching students towards artistic production, concretizing the proposal in installations, which finally reveal themselves as true examples of visual poetry and conceptual sculpture.
Huerta Ramon, R. (2024). Digital Education. Publicacions De La Universitat De Valencia. Recuperado a partir de