Empowering women in place: València summer school equals-eu

María Dolores Pitarch Garrido

Universitat de València

Félix Fajardo Magraner

Universitat de València


Palabras clave: Gender, Culture, Arquitecture, Social networks, Data, Museums

Publicado 2 junio 2023

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Progress towards gender equality in Europe has been very significant over the last century, however, there is still room for improvement in some of the key dimensions. The EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025 calls for a Europe where women and men, girls and boys, are equal, where women have equal opportunities to participate and thrive in society. The EU is committed to improving the social, economic and political inclusion of women and girls. However, a conclusive strategy to eliminate gender inequality and reshape institutionalised stereotypes and discriminatory practices has yet to emerge.  Women's participation in research and innovation is crucial to promote digital inclusion and address the complex social and economic challenges facing Europe. However, innovations are often primarily driven by men who, in turn, are the biggest beneficiaries. Fostering gender-inclusive innovation ecosystems can help to promote a new generation of women inventors and scientists, as well as address the economic, social and cultural roots of gender inequality that affect women's lives from childhood to adulthood, in education, employment and social life.  This requires involving women and girls in innovation through participatory methods and open and inclusive practices, and producing information and communication technologies (ICTs) that are more secure, sustainable, available and accessible to all. EQUALS-EU is a project funded by Horizon 2020, the European Union's Framework Programme for Research, representing a Consortium of 19 organisations from 15 EU Member States (MS) and other Partner and non-Partner countries, which offers a unique opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and good practices in managing and promoting equality in access to technology and innovation.  This book is a contribution to the analysis of spatial aspects with a gender perspective, with the aim of contributing to a better understanding of the world around us, taking into account all perspectives, in an equitable and conscious manner. The themes worked on as part of the EQUALS project are: the city, the rural world, networks of mutual support and solidarity, culture and museums, and spatial data.

Pitarch Garrido, M. D., & Fajardo Magraner, F. (2023). Empowering women in place: València summer school equals-eu. Publicacions De La Universitat De Valencia. Recuperado a partir de https://omp.uv.es/index.php/PUV/article/view/552